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http://5fozsgjrpl5cqz3rgugj4jetl4ykdm7ncbzwk264glcsc27mcax4caid. – One of the largest trading platforms working with many vendors. Recovered his work after the hacker attack. Offers cards, transfers and gift cards

http://ungzshcysucpqzi23otvdfxkpqah7daejvkcrwfzdmpleefc4fm65cid. – CardsShop credit cards & WU & MoneyGram & PayPal – work with Escrow

http://oj26kzyfo22glgi5fibxmnv5mlatrkpyn75blchmkzszxz37roc3ctyd. – Topsells credit cards and Western Union – work with Escrow – active forum

BidMarket – Credit cards, Western Union transfers, Gift Cards

http://kpnes3zrmti57dgb24jp52datel7pbh72v5gjvexzcxtaucbdkxy3pqd. – Prepaid debit Visa | MasterCard & WU

http://travelziverr35bk. – Credit cards, Western Union transfers

http://qdtouzbyyoytbnvz. – Counterfeit documents of different countries

http://or7amhxzp7jc77xr. – Credit card Dumps & Paypal transfers

http://lxvywgnrzwbon3t2. – Buy money

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