Secrets Of The Darknet. Looking for useful in hidden services deep web.

DarkNet Deep Deep Web keeps many secrets. Looking for useful in hidden services deep web. We already wrote stores about shops ( and markets (, escrow services ( Today we’ll talk about a few more deep web links.

The Hub

Dull English forum about everything that is not allowed in the white furry Internet. The vast majority of comments — in the sections For Beginners, Darknet In General and Off Topic, which seems to hint at the quality of the audience and discussions. Without JavaScript does not work. Vendors section contains a sad attempt of self-promotion of a huge number of some of the huckster and strained monotonous reviews of different mini-markets. We do not advise You to use it.


Closed hacker forums and sites

Hacking topics can be found here and there, but specialized forums for the most part are not friendly, and even free registration is a rarity. For example, the entrance to Hell, one of the most famous forums, is 0.1 BTC

GroundZero, SiphON and BlackHat at first glance look open, but suspiciously empty. There is no doubt that all the fun is hidden in sections that are not visible to the ordinary visitor.


In the open access is quite a bit. The most popular topic is carding: bays, CVV, cashing for various payment systems, ways to bypass antifrod, discussing where to take dumps. In General, combat kroberam with “Carder planet” here will be boring, but if you are just interested in the topic, something new you will know for sure: read the FAQ and poklikay links for beginners, which is generously shared by the community.

As for the rest of the sections in the public, then there is a continuous disappointment: the chance to find 0day is generally lower than in clearnet.



Tor-version of the forum of the same name VPN-provider Cryptostorm, located in Iceland. Quite informative English-language resource containing discussions on the protection and encryption of information about personal life and movements. Basically, of course, contains sections on the work of VPN Cryptostorm and the development of their utility for “absolute protection” Cryptostorm Widget. The Stormphone section contains small but valuable information and discussions on the topic of data protection on mobile devices.

Black Market

A store that positions itself as “the Number one in the Tor network” and behaves almost as legal. The owners claim that they provide a quality guarantee in all countries of the world, the weapon is checked and can be replaced in case of its failure (within one week), the prices already include delivery, and ten free cartridges are applied upon delivery. In short, an epic and very beautiful divorce, the impression of which does not spoil even specified in the list of products Golden Desert Eagle. Indeed, suddenly someone wants to anonymously and secretly buy a gun to brag to his friends. Why not.

Other deep web links

Dead Drop — service for sending encrypted messages. To register you need a PGP key, it will also help to leave a message without the addressee. Those who wish to read it will be able to enter your public key, and the service will give the text.

Deep Web Radio. Given that strained with music in the “clean web” is not particularly, the existence of an underground radio station is not easy to justify. But nevertheless it exists. You can listen to one of the five “aether” and enjoy doing it through Tor.

Onion links have an .onion extension

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