How I bought a card in the deep web.


How I bought the card in the deep web – this is how we decided to name our article. A letter with stories came to us in the email. Unfortunately the sender could not be contacted. I hope you will be interested in this story.

With the deep web, I met about a year ago. I looked sites, looked for information and forgot about it for about 6 months. Maybe I would never have remembered him (deep web) ever. If a lot of problems had not fallen on my head, I had found a girl, I had to pay a loan for my studies and I had to pay for renting an apartment.

And then I remembered the miracle offers in the deep web to earn a lot of money just by buying their card or transfer. The first site was the well-known (scammer) under *** ket after the payment I never received a letter from them, but I hoped that the goods would fly to me. How wrong I was. After two weeks, I realized that I was raped.

I did not stop swearing for another week.

The second on the list was dream *** ket. Many write about him. And after payment, the exact same story happened to me. Straight one to one.

Having decided to pause, in my opinion, in a month I came to my senses. After a pause, I found your site and looking ahead, he help me a lot.

The third was the site snov *** ket. After reading about it and thoroughly studying it, I decided to try it. Adding the product to the cart and filling in the shipping address I paid for it. Honestly, I no longer hoped for anything. Just sat and watched the status of the order. But after a while, the status of the order changed to “in progress” and then to “sent”. I thought it was a hoax. But after 6 days I received the parcel (yes, I was stupid and did not order express delivery) and there really was a card.

Today I buy it 3 times there. And you know, I’m happy. That’s the whole story about how I bought the card in the deep web.

This letter is over. For our part, we also wish you to find what you are looking for and not to fall into the hands of scammers. You can view the sites on our page where you can read about deep web stores, financial sites, escrow service.