Who created the deep web, Tor, Freenet, and I2P?

Have you asked yourself who created the deep web, Tor, Freenet, and I2P? In this article, we will try to answer these questions.


The deep Web is just any page that you can’t get to from a search engine. If you mean the dark Web, which is a Web that uses special software such as TOR to access, it depends on which dark Web you mean. There are three big ones (TOR, Freenet, and I2P).

TOR, the largest darknet, was developed by three scientists, Paul Syversin, Mike Reed, and David Goldshlag. It was originally designed and implemented by the United States Defense Advance Research Projects Agency. Later, its continued growth was financed by the State Department, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Naval Research Lab. The US government first used TOR to protect US military communications, and today sees it as a way to get information into and out of repressive totalitarian countries that attempt to control Internet access.

As a very brief description, when you use Tor you connect to an entry node, which bounces your extra-encrypted traffic between a few other nodes to make it difficult to trace, then your traffic leaves a final exit node with regular encryption and goes to its destination, I.e, the website you wanted to look at, before returning via the reverse path. Thus if someone spies on the exit node they’ll know what sites are being used but not who is using them, and someone spying out your end (assuming they can see what’s coming out of your computer but not the computer itself) can see you’re accessing Tor but don’t know what you’re using it for. These Tor nodes are offered and maintained by various individuals and groups for free to keep Tor running.

I2P started as a project at Leiden University, supported financially by a grant from Duck Duck Go, the anonymous search engine. It was originally based on the Freenet code, but split off into its own project and codebase. Today, development and maintenance is handled by a private company called Privacy Solutions.

Freenet was started by Ian Clarke, a graduate student at the University of Eidenburgh. Today, it is maintained by The Freenet Project, a group of thirteen developers financed mostly through private donations, with help from a large number of volunteer coders.

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