Amber Rudd pledges £ 9 million to fight deep web criminals

The Home Secretary will announce a £ 9m commitment to combat deep web criminals.

deep web

The hidden layer of the Internet, accessed through specialized software, allows users to remain anonymous, attracting those who do not want to be tracked, such as online drug dealers.

Amber Rudd says money will “improve” the response to crime.

Funding will come from a previously announced £ 50 million bank for the Home Office to improve the UK’s cyber defense.

In addition to drug dealers, the deep web is used by arms dealers and people selling images of child abuse.

‘Dangerous place’

In her speech at the CYBERUK security conference in Manchester, Ms. Rudd later described the online space as “a dark and dangerous place where anonymity encourages people to break the law in the most horrific ways.”

She will say, “This is a platform (deep web) for dangerous crime and gruesome abuse.

“[Law enforcement officials] will use this money to help fight criminals who continually use the darknet’s anonymity.”

The exact figures are not published for “operational reasons”.

An additional £ 5 million from the £ 50 million fund will go to dedicated cybercrime units that will tackle online offenders locally.

“The world of cyberspace is evolving rapidly and we need a fast-paced response that recognizes that everyone in the UK has a responsibility to combat an evolving threat.”

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