How to work with escrow service in deep web?

Escrow service

How to work with escrow service in deep web? For the most part, if You use approved (markets) , this article You do not need. However, in the deep web a huge number of sites. We strongly recommend that you work with escrow with new or unverified sites.

We will describe you two variants of escrow.

The first is through the escrow website. The second option is when the role of escrow is the trading platform itself.

1. Escrow website – BitEscrow

Once you have chosen the site and learned that it works with escrow You need to register on the site.

Then start the escrow procedure.

There is nothing difficult here. Fill in the seller’s email, your email and some details. Click “Submit” and wait. Escrow will do the rest. You and the seller (buyer) will be sent a letter with an offer to start escrow. After the Deposit is made, the seller will receive a letter of Deposit and must send the goods.

If the goods are not sent or it is a defective goods Deposit is returned to the buyer. After the goods are received by you. You write an email that the item was received. And Your Deposit is transferred to the seller.

2. Here, the role of escrow is the site by itself.

How it works?

The site gives you the opportunity to cancel your order if you are not satisfied or the order You for some reason did not come. To cancel You need to go to Your “orders” select Your order and click cancel order. The Deposit will be returned to the same wallet from where it came. The site also describes this procedure, you can read it on site.

These methods allow you to protect yourself and your savings.

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