What attracts us in the deep web?

Have you ever wondered what attracts us in the deep web?

Somebody attracts that you can communicate without fear what you know or can find out your identity.

Somebody attracts a lot of forbidden things (Link) from things sexually and ending with something extreme.

But today we will talk about ways to get rich with the help of trading platforms and (shops) on the deep Internet. I doubt very much that none of you wanted to get rich or pay your student loan or buy a bigger house.

Today, many shops offer a huge number of ways to get rich. This can be Western Union transfers, moneygram, cards, gift cards. Many of the sites operate much like Amazon or eBay, with product overviews and customer reviews.

I decided to try and buy a cards. Looking ahead I will say that most of the sites were scams, but caught those that really sell what they offer.

I’ll try to give you a few tips on how to do it.

1. You need to register (Link) it is Better not to use your mail and create a new one although it does not matter. Your password will be sent to your e-mail.

2. Choose the product you want to buy (Link)

3. Put it in the basket and checkout. If there is shipping you need to specify the delivery address.

4. Pay for goods in bitcoins. I don’t need to explain why deep Internet does not accept credit cards?

5. That’s all. It remains only to wait for your parcel. Enjoy.

Onion links have an .onion extension

A few tips: a list of stores you can find on our website in the (“commercial services” ), (“financial services”).