How not to be scam in the deep web?

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How not to be scam in the deep web? Many of us have come across scam on the deep web. Scammers adopt new technologies, use colorful pictures. What you need to do to not get to them on the bait?

First, we advise You to see if there is a mailbox and ask a few questions to the seller. Do not forget that the seller may have another time different from you.

A huge plus is if the seller to work with escrow. How to work with escrow we wrote in our article (

Also worth a look is this site in the scam list (Scamlisthttp://cchx7xoajo7hpsrbeqfkjfsacx7ml7vh7jfc3nkchxxjapgcrosf3lqd.onion/). Very easy to use. Just go to the tab “Scam list links” and use Ctrl + F to find a site in the list or not

You can get checked with the sellers checked by us in our articles ( or ( We selected these lists manually and checked them.

We wish You excellent shopping and never deal with scammers.

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