Hackers from deep web declared war on Elon Musk

The hackers group from deep web announced its intention to launch a campaign against Elon Musk due to his influence on the cryptocurrency market.

hacker deep web

A group of hackers – Anonymous – has launched one of the largest digital currency fraudulent campaigns. Now the criminals have posted a video stating that the power that Elon Musk is using in the cryptocurrency markets, and the arrogant way of using it, have gone too far.

The hackers also criticized Musk as a person, claiming that he suffered from a superiority complex. They came to the conclusion that the entrepreneur is “not a friend of the common man.”

What exactly the hackers will do is not yet clear. We will remind, earlier Elon Musk said that Tesla will no longer accept bitcoins as a means of payment. Many of his tweets related to cryptocurrency really lead to an increase or decrease in its rate.

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