Deep Web News Removal: Citizen Jailed For Selling Stolen Personal Information Of US Citizens on The Internet deep web news

News from Deep Web – Removal.

Large credit card numbers and social security numbers were among the datasets available on the now defunct website.

A citizen was sentenced to 30 months in prison for participating in the sale of stolen credit card information and other data that was used to incite criminal activity.

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The now closed site – – hosted roughly 2,000 illegal online stores and made about $ 17 million over its seven years of operation.

It sold information, including player login credentials and personal information of US citizens, not limited to names, current addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes social security numbers.

Site was launched back in October 2013 and was shut down following arrest in March 2020 following an operation in which the FBI acquired 1,100 player accounts and personal information for more than 3,600 Americans.

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